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I.T. Impronta Tessile

Impronta Tessile – Ready for summer holidays

Ready for the summer holiday?

Nowadays dogs are real life companions who share our daily routine, indeed often thanks to them we are able to overcome difficult and stressful days, starting the day with a morning jog and relaxing with them with a long walk at the end of the day.


Are you traveling with your four legged friends?

Faithful companions all year round, also perfect travel companions! If you, like us, do not want to give up traveling with your dog, we hope these tips are useful for you in view of the upcoming summer holidays.


How to organise a holiday with your dog?

To travel with our furry friends in peace and safety you need small but essential precautions. First of all, try to inform yourself before departing and choose dog-friendly locations, hotels, houses, restaurants. On the day of departure, plan your trip in the coolest hours and equip yourself with a pet carrier large enough to protect and make your dog comfortable whilst traveling by car, train or plane.


How to prepare the suitcase for our four legged friend?

The four legged “suitcase” must never miss a leash, muzzle, health card, kennel, pet food, water bowl. Is that all and if it rains? If it rains or if you choose to travel to the mountains that can offer cooler days even in the peak of summer, we will take care of your dog with I.T.’S Rain, our spring-summer 2021 collection of raincoats and warm coats 100% handmade in Italy, fashionable and eco-friendly it is the perfect solution to face summer showers. What are you waiting for, take advantage of our summer sales, discover the collection in our shop including all the I.T.’S Rain Coat and Hug models and their four exclusive patterns. Enjoy your summer!

Impronta Tessile - Ready for summer holidays

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