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I.T. Impronta Tessile

From haut de gamme to luxury dog couture

Established craftmen of good taste and elegance

I.T. IMPRONTA TESSILE is a brand owned by Impresa Tessile Srl, a benchmark in the craft artisanal luxury Made in Italy. The constant work in the textile industry leads us to never be a copycat ourselves, but to be pioneers of the innovations of this area. We thrive on study, research and creativity: our team of professional tailors has years long experience in the creation of garments, which perfectly combine technical skills and fashion.

Our haut de gamme creations can be seen in the most famous magazines and are worn all over the world.

And the leftover fabrics?

It is well know that the clothing manufacturing is one of the most polluting industries in the world. We have found a way to “lend a paw” to the planet: we have decided to reposition ourselves and turn to a different public, with a keen eye for the environment and the fashion. Our models are now more beautiful and… wag their tails!

A new beginning

This is how, from Impresa Tessile, we become Impronta Tessile. Like us, also the garments we realize for our pets have a new beginning: we use the fabrics that do not reach the catwalks or the shops and we give them a new lease of life.

Do you believe that the leftover fabrics can give birth to real collections? Recycling is our motto. In this way, we create tailor made unique masterpieces, trendy and comfort garments for our friends, the furry heart of our home. 

Another value of the brand, in addition to the unconditional love for the pets, is the attention to the planet: a desire to create beauty, doing good to the environment. Our mission, today, is to bring the quality and the craftmanship typical of the Made in Italy-goods to our four-legged friends and always being active in our zero waste policy.